Hi, I am Julius Moon
- Vienna, Austria based artist.

Few words ...

Art for Julius Moon has and always will be an emotional outlet. His life around him and the life experiences in his travels to China, India, Jordan, and Europe opens his mind to unlimited expectations, one of the joys Julius gets out of painting is putting a multitude of hidden meanings within the image.

He has known since he was a child that Art was going to be a huge part of his life. To pinpoint one inspiration is impossible as every painting he has done has had some impact on another which resounds in his work. Born in Slovakia and Educated to his Art Degree in the college of Art, Julius also performs the Art of dance and Yoga in its art form.

He has travelled all over Europe in a troop of acting dancers and performers. As an Artist Julius is delighted to be true to himself and paints what he feels and sees in the hope that the viewer will walk away from a painting by Julius Moon with a new found respect and appreciation of his works. Because Art is Universal it's important to him that people get a glimpse of something beautiful and meaningful from his Art, Capoeira, BreakDance, Yoga Goa, Trance Art. ૐ

March 8, 2016

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